When to Use a Designer

In the most recent issue of House Beautiful, the entire middle section of the magazine is dedicated to the idea of “How to Choose the Right Everything.” And when it comes to the home, there are SO many choices to make. And we know that you’ve noticed, but one decision affects the next decision, which affects the next, and so on. Every element of a home builds off of all other elements of the home. Bringing a space completely together, from the floor up, can be a daunting task for just about anyone . . . but it’s what we specialize in!

Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture has been making Knoxville houses home since 1956, and we’d love to partner with you in your space! Partnering with a Braden’s designer can certainly ease the strain that may come with determining your home’s interior details.

Why Partner With a Designer

First and foremost, partnering with a designer transfers the project responsibilities to our shoulders! If you find yourself in that pattern of wanting to get started in a particular space, only to get hung up on the details of the next space, we can help end that cycle. Allowing a designer to assist in spatial planning and palette creation in your home, assigns the legwork to someone else, yet gives you the freedom to continue to steer the ship.

Secondly, partnering with a designer ensures that you are going to get options from sources you might not otherwise know about. We do furniture. And we do furniture all day, every day, and have since 1956. We love what we do and have had the privilege of developing long lasting working relationships with hundreds of companies over the years. Say you’re looking for one particular piece that requires specific measurements or other requirements, when flying solo on a design project, you may be forced to stop at every local furniture store until you find it. Indeed, you may have to head out of town to find the piece you want and before someone else snags it. If partnering with a Braden’s designer, You simply relay your needs, or allow him or her to develop your scheme until approved, again then transferring the responsibility of sourcing and securing the product to them.

We study trends. We study fabrics. We attend market. We read the industry mags. We live and breathe furniture. So not only are we staying up-to-date with product lines, current fabrics, as well as styles and new releases, but we are steeped in experience when it comes to finding the right scale for your house, the perfect accents and accessories for your space, or just where to find that unique piece you know you need!

If you aren’t overly confident in your style, or how to achieve that style, allowing a designer to present style to you may be exactly what you need. It’s sort of like the concept of “knowing it when you see it.” This happens to be the case for most people, when it comes to creating the home interior design scheme they envision. And once again, we’d love to help. In fact, it’s the reason we’re here–to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for in the way of style.

Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture offers furniture options from over 200 manufacturers. We offer accents and accessories, such as lighting, table top decor and wall art. We offer an extensive selection of outdoor furniture, find mattresses and top-of the bed ‘decor,’ or decorative bedding. We offer wall coverings, custom fabric selections and even window treatments. If you need assistance beyond that, simply speak to a Braden’s Sales Associate for more information on services and related fees.

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