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As part of our full-scale design services, The Design Center at Braden’s offers fabric by the yard, wallcoverings, trims, various other fabric embellishments and hardware. We often describe these aspects of the design as the ‘icing on the cake’ or the ‘jewelry’ of the design, if you will.  They are ultimately that which completes the design!
It’s true that many aspects must come together to complete a space, but often times, the above-mentioned components can, and do, get overlooked and or outright ignored during the selection process.  And they shouldn’t.  
Window treatments don’t only serve as privacy and light control, but they also add color and intrigue to a space.  Whether solid or patterned fabrics, window treatments, in their various forms, also add texture, warmth and complementary colors to any space.  If you’re shopping shades, shutters, blinds (wood or faux wood), drapes/panels, cornices, valances, or unique hardware for your windows, we’re here to help.  
In addition to unique fabrics, including decorative trims and embellishments, we offer a wide range of gorgeous wall coverings.  Check out the various links included here to see the hundreds of styles available to you.  
Ready to get serious about your space?  Call our showroom at 865.777.4059 to schedule your free residential or commercial design consultation.

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 We offer a selection of custom finials in a wide arrays of materials, colors, and styles to fit any home decor. Contact us today or come by our showroom to see our available options.


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As part of our full-scale design services, The Design Center at Braden's offers fabric by the yard, wallcoverings, trims, various...

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