In Elle Decor’s September 2020 issue, Tim McKeough shares,

“The home office is no longer just an unremarkable cubbyhole or kitchen nook, but a glamorous reflection of who you are.”

With the unexpected twist and turns of COVID-19, many of us have found ourselves spending MUCH more time at home. And many of us have found ourselves in new at-home work situations, which has caused many to find themselves frustrated with their older, more tired, home furnishings . . . or a cramped, non-functional office space. Maybe we’ve been working from the kitchen counter or from a side of the family room sofa. McKeough says,

“Catching up on work from the living room sofa always seemed like a pleasure–up until it because a full-time affair. When the coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year and send office workers home, many of us discovered that such improvised setups can also become wormholes of household clutter, nagging family members, and ergonomic strife.”

“With companies like Facebook and Twitter leading the charge to make working from home the new normal, the home office is finally top of mind once again. Whether used every day of the week or for an occasional evening brainstorm, a well-designed space can help shut out distractions, center the mind, and inspire creativity. “

It’s never been clearer how much our home environment impacts how we feel and how productive we are,” says Jessica Geller of the New Jersey design firm Toledo Geller. “Normally, being in an office keeps us focused. But at home, you have to do it alone, which can be difficult.”

If you find yourself in this category, maybe we can help? Consulting with your Braden’s Sales Associate will allow you to develop a plan to maximize your office space to include necessary elements, such as a desk and writing surface, a filing system, closed store, proper lighting, an inviting style and perhaps a place to sit away from the desk itself.

Check out a few of our favorite office collections, which vary in price point and style!

“At the end of the day, a home office isn’t just a place to get things done–it’s a reflection of who you are,” asserts McKeough.  “It should be designed to your style and your taste,” says Washington, D.C.–based designer Kiyonda Powell.  “It should allow you to be your best, most productive self.”


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