Discover the Beauty of Solid American Black Walnut

In Walnut Grove, Stickley has combined flowing lines inspired by modern design with moments of sophisticated handwork that beautifully showcase the furniture-maker’s art. Contours are carefully sculpted, and structural elements are set apart to incorporate air and create a floating lightness.

Light. Sculptural.

Walnut Grove Occasional Tables

In Walnut Grove’s occasional tables, slightly offset ellipses form a delicate yet stable base full of air and light. Exposed pin joints highlight our time-honored woodworking techniques, and optional stone tops add to a palette of natural materials.

Contoured. Comforting.

Walnut Grove Dining Chairs

Rounded rear legs extend seamlessly upward to create the strong, graceful back of our sculptural upholstered dining chair.

It seems that everything Stickley does, they do it to perfection.  The quality and style are always on point, and this newest collection of theirs is sure to please.  If you’re a fan of a cleaner line, a slight mid-century accent and a classic overall appeal, you MUST see this stunning statement style and new release from Stickley Fine Furniture.  

Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture is proud to be the exclusive Stickley retailer in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Braden’s offers only the best in furniture and has been making Knoxville houses home since 1956. View the entire collection on Stickley’s website.

This stunning new style from Stickley is currently available for viewing at our showroom in Turkey Creek!  Ask your Braden’s Sales Associate for more information!

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