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Braden's Home Staging Designer

How’s the home staging business for Braden’s going right now? Staying busy?

Business is great and the real estate market is booming in Knoxville- Along with our loyal agents we’re constantly adding new clients each week!! From 900-6000 square feet, downtown to maryville there’s no property we can’t handle- We’re constantly adding to our inventory and keeping an eye on new furniture trends- Our focus is to deliver the same quality furniture and design Braden’s has been known for since 1956-

Given your time with the Braden’s Homestaging team, what have you come to learn about home staging?

I’ve learned that the details make the difference in home staging- Making each listing feel like a home is key- Scale is extremely important along with an open line of communication.

What’s the single greatest reason someone should consider staging their home?

Staging increases the homes perceived value- This helps agents and sellers fetch top dollar for each listing

Are realtors taking advantage of the benefits of home staging?

The successful agents are! They know that each dollar spent is an investment

How do you determine what style of decor will best suit a home?

During the initial home visit and consultation, the home’s exterior and interior architecture tells us what style the property needs.

Is it a difficult process to get a home or office staged?

The process has its challenges!  Any ‘difficulty’ would typically present itself during delivery- example- labor intensive installation- running behind schedule, etc. Our guys have  two decades of experience delivering high end home furnishings though.  And having the business owner and full time interior designer on every single delivery from beginning to end leaves little room for error- With all businesses things happen.  On the rare occasion they do, our clients speak directly to the business owner and any issue is resolved immediately-there’s really not another company that can check all those boxes.  For me, this is something I’m passionate about and love- So I’m up for any challenge 😉

To learn more about Braden’s Home Staging services, email nbraden@bradens.com or call Nick Braden at 865.777.4059.  Our free staging consultation is painless and will easily confirm whether or not this service is for you!  


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