Creating that Perfect Entryway

The entryway can easily be an overlooked area of the home.  Often we don’t spend much time or thought on that (typically) smaller place that greets us (and guests) as soon as we walk through the door of our home.  Yet, it’s just that–the first and only space that actually greets us as we walk through the door of our home!  
It’s the first space we lay eyes on upon entering a home, and it is the space that will evoke the first feelings about the home.  It’s the first space we have access to when coming in from the rain, a hard day, a good day, a difficult experience and or all of the rest of it!  It needs to have function, it needs to set the stage and it needs to bring some delight to those who walk through the door.  


Perfecting the Unexpected

  1. Is it the primary entrance?  Will it require a rug or mat or something to catch the mud and umbrella drips?
  2. Does it offer space to place a table or bench or a piece of furniture that will actually offer assistance to those entering or exiting the home?  Do you need a surface when gathering all of your items to leave for the day, or will you need a surface to utilize when getting home for the day?  Do you need a place to put your shoes, or store extra items? 
  3. Is the space properly lit?
  4. How does your entryway reflect your personal style?  While we want to give thought to those items that provide function, we don’t want to neglect style, and more specifically, our own individual style!  Perhaps we’d prefer our entry to NOT serve any purpose other than to convey style and welcome others into our space.  
Here are a few images of entryways we LOVE.  What about you?  What does your entryway say about you and your home?
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