Reading Rooms

For some, it’s hard to think of something more desirable than a good book, a cup of something hot to drink and perhaps that perfectly comfy chair. Oh, and of course, a few good hours to enjoy these things together!

It doesn’t take much to create that perfect reading room (or nook), but to us, there are a few must-haves in order to make it just right. As already mentioned, you must have that perfectly comfy chair. Some may like to stretch out, where some may prefer to curl up. In addition to the perfect chair, one must have a good reading lamp! No need to strain your eyes while reading, so this is a no brainer! A side table to place your cup of joe, glasses or even your next read when the eyelids begin to get heavy! And of course, we think some fabulous storage for that ever-growing selection of books!

Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture partners with over 200 manufacturers, which means we have an incredible selection on all of the above-listed must-haves! Ask your Braden’s Sales Associate for a bit of help in creating your dream reading room.

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